NP4B Mission Statement

 No Pussy For Boys is a movement among women in an effort to encourage each other to take accountability for our decisions in regards to the men we allow to enter our sacred temple. We cannot continue to choose to share our space with immature boys & then get upset if they do not behave like men. This movement is about self reflection. The only way we can continue to choose to sleep with boys is if we ourselves have not matured into women. It is time to grow up, both boys & girls, into men & women. We must know & understand our own body & the energy that we give off. understanding sex itself, which is creation, will change the way we think altogether. If we do this, the result will be us changing the minds of future generations. We will procreate with grown mature men who will be a father to the children. This is how we break the cycle of single motherhood. We have to choose better men. We have to raise our sons to be men. We have to raise our daughters to value their temple. We have to stop giving the pussy to boys.